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User Experience Research Experience

User Experience Research

  • Strong foundation in science of human cognition, perception, and decision making

  • Solution focused with excellent mathematical aptitude and proficiency with statistics

  • Experience designing and conducting usability studies and communicating results in compelling ways

  • A self-starter with outstanding scientific written and verbal communication skills, work well independently and on teams

  • Experience collecting, analyzing and interpreting multivariate data with a passion for vision science/reducing customer effort

  • Experience in start-ups (mindset) designing for people at multiple levels of expertise

Data Analysis

Fourier Analysis, Time Series Analysis, Bayesian decision theory, Maximum Likelihood Estimates, Multiple Regression, ANOVA, chi-square, t-test, SVM, Curve Fitting, Expectation Maximization, K-means clustering, PCA, ICA


MATLAB, R, Python, SQL, BigQuery, SPSS, Google Analytics, ASL eyetracking systems, MS Excel/Word/Powerpoint, Sketch, inVision, Zeplin

UX Researcher, Catalina Labs, Palo Alto, CA


  • Plan, design, and run usability studies and surveys. Work with designers to iterate new flows.

  • Write up design insights and communicate them with design, product, and marketing.

  • Interview multiple audiences - including residential wireless users, tech support agents, data analysts and call center managers.

  • Collaborate with our phone app designer on design brainstorms, critiques, and sprints.

Read papers, attend talks, and review previous literature on mental models of wireless technology.
Communicate our research and design to VCs and other company stakeholders.

UX Designer, Catalina Labs, Palo Alto, CA


  • Design UI and UX of software for call center support agents with Sketch, based upon user stories from the product manager, and user needs I discovered. Present design to front-end developer and QA team.

  • Design iconography for new product features and IoT devices

  • Design analytics dashboards for in-house and consumer-facing use

UX Research Intern, Go-Live Labs, Sunnyvale, CA


  • Ran and presented findings from heuristic evaluations, cognitive walk-throughs for websites and apps.

  • Translated qualitative UX constructs into quantitative metrics for the Go-Live Labs UX audit service.

  • Collaborated with the engineering team to create proprietary design workflow tools for the audit process.

  • Conducted a hybrid competitive and comparative analysis on collaboration features of design tools, resulting in two features added to the product requirement specifications

  • Conducted a cognitive walkthrough on our design workflow tools, suggested product improvements.

  • Conducted a competitive analysis on the user experience of 4 remote user testing products.

Graduate Work

UT Austin, 2007-2014

Graduate Research/Teaching Assistant

6 semesters

  • Planned, designed and performed studies; performed statistical analyses of complex data; summarized results for scientific publication.

  • Validated eye movement automatic data processing tools; hand-coded eye movement event data with proprietary data logging tools; chose tool parameters to reach 95% accuracy of detecting an event with 33ms timing accuracy of the onset/offset of each event.

  • Wrote scripts to summarize, synthesize, and interpret eye movement and body location datasets.  

  • Operated 3D navigable virtual reality head-mounted display and eye tracking camera lab equipment and collected quantitative data in user testing sessions.

  • Conducted post-test interviews; collected and analyzed the qualitative data; built tools for multidimensional time series data analysis.

  • Designed visuomotor coordination experiments to compare observed human and model behavior.

  • Wrote literature reviews on eye movements in natural environments.

Assistant Instructor

2 semesters

  • Designed the curriculum to develop the critical thinking skills of students.

Teaching Assistant

4 semesters

  • Trained 20 students in quantitative analysis in SPSS, APA style and experimental design.

  • Guided honors undergraduates through programming appropriate statistical analyses (e.g., t-tests, ANOVA, Monte Carlo sampling techniques) for novel research projects.  

Graduate Coordinator, Summer Statistics Institute

2 semesters

  • Increased participation from 533 to 656 students by advertising on campus and state-wide.

  • Organized a keynote panel with 5 industry speakers and 100 attendees; coordinated logistics for 28 courses with professors, industry professionals, and building managers.

  • Managed volunteers and caterers; established new industry partnerships; created reports; monitored course enrollment to provide marketing recommendations.


UT Austin


PhD Coursework                                    
MA in Psychology, focus on Cognition and Perception                        

Coursework included:
Models of Cognition, Machine Learning, Perception and Action, Advanced Statistics

Papers/Conference Abstracts included:
- Eye Movements, Visual Search and Scene Memory, in an Immersive Virtual Environment
- Perceptual Learning: Plasticity and adaptation Visuomotor adaptation to random rotation transformations in a continuous tracking paradigm.
- Learning Representations and Detecting Changes in Complex Environments.
- A computational model for change detection in familiar environments.
- The effect of experience on visual capture in a virtual environment.

Stanford University


BS in Symbolic Systems

Coursework included:
Computer Programming and Paradigms, C, C++, Artificial Intelligence, Quantitative Reasoning, First-Order Logic, Statistics, Computational Linguistics, Syntax, Semantics, Cognitive Psychology, Psychology of Language, Human-Computer Interaction, Perception

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